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Route & Tour Planning

Use set routes or build dynamic tours every day to get your orders to delivery as efficiently as possible.

Custom Reports

Get the metrics that are most important to you with our new easy and flexible reporting. Customize the reports you need and save them for repeat use.

Bulk Importer

Import new customer, product or order data all at once with our new import tool. Or update some of your existing data that's already in Routeique.

Order Notifications

Keep customers in the loop with order created, scheduled, reminder and delivered notifications. Customers can choose to receive them by text or email.

Order Management

Manage order creation, scheduling, updates and delivery.


A brand new dashboard with more of the metrics you've been wanting including order status, order adjustment and fulfillment gap.

Customers & Locations

Customers can now have more than one location, making it easier for them to manage all their orders online and for you to manage their pricing.

Products & Pricing

New product hierarchy and pricing options make it easier than ever to manage your products.

Customer Order Portal

Let your customers see product images when creating an order, can choose from multiple standing orders and set a recurring order.

Delivery Management

Orders can be delivered by the driver in the DMS or by admin in the DCT. Learn how to deliver orders with and without inventory managed products.


Learn about some tweaks to inventory that will help you better manage products you are purchasing from your suppliers and picking for orders.


More configuration control and easier to access your account settings with all administration details brought into one place.


See the tools you can connect to Routeique™ to make your workflow process more seamless.

Training Videos

Take a look at our instructional videos demonstrating how to use different features in the platform.