Package Types

Setting up your package types will allow you to easily identify what needs to be delivered. Review how to create and edit package types in your inventory settings.

A package type is a name given to a unit that is used in the packing process to consolidate items in an order, in preparation for delivery. The package becomes the shippable trackable item. This can include, but is not limited to totes, pallets, and bags.

Managing Package Types in Settings

Package types can be created and managed in your settings. You will do this by clicking Settings, then Inventory in the left-hand side menu.

Setting up Package Types

Your account may have a default package type added but you can rename it, deactivate it or create your own. Package types should reflect the type of packing unit used to fulfill an order and can be named anything you want for example:

  • Bag
  • Box
  • Crate
  • Pallet

Creating a New Package Type

To create a new package type click Add in the top-right hand corner. Enter the name of your package and press Save. The new package type will automatically be created with an Active status.

Editing an Existing Package Type

To make changes to a package type click on the Package you would like to edit. Here you can change the name of the package type or make it inactive. The package type can be reactivated at any point.

NOTE: For tracking purposes, Package Types may not be deleted. You may, however, deactivate them to prevent their use in the future.